Chicken Roulade

About Trio

We are proud to be very socially aware and have built a team of staff, suppliers & charities who naturally connect with the values of the business – passionate, entrepreneurial and responsible.

Trio has established great working relationships, from catering Kelly Tarlton’s, to Mitre 10 Head Office, NZME, NZ Hockey, Olympus, NZ football, Aktive and many more companies along with all types of private events including partnership with CI Events and Takapoto Estate showjumping.

As described above, I have created a brand and identity I am proud of and proud to be a part of. The team I have at Trio are second to none, they are the core of this business and hold the same values and passion that I do. We deliver high quality, fresh, local and healthy food coupled with great service and coffee. We can cater for all dietary requirements.
I look forward to continually expanding and growing Trio, whilst maintaining the elevated level of service, consistently of staff and innovative ways of providing tasty food and beverage.


Alisha Tomlinson Managing Director | Trio Events Ltd